DevOps for beginners


What Is DevOps?

The word “DevOps” is combination of Development + Operations , It is practice which helps both IT streams to work collaboratively rather than in silos.

Before DevOps, We had below respective responsibilities of each teams.

Development Team:- Use to build the take months together time to build application and once application is tested in their local environment, It used to handed over to operation team.

Operations Team:- Used to do deployment into test preprod and prod environment and support the application as well as the servers which has hosted these applications.

Problems faced before DevOps

There was always an issue with owning responsibility for any bugs raised in higher environments. Development team used to say this issues is not development issue and works fine in my local environment.

Operations Team is to complain, this issue wasn’t there in previous release. So debate used to happen for each release and direct impact is on the customers.

After DevOps

As part of DevOps culture, It bridges the gap between development and operations teams. This was missing before.

  • It brought all the teams involved in building and maintaining of application as one team
  • Rather than passing the ball/working in silos for any issue between these IT teams.
  • Each member of team came forward with mindset of “how can we help to fix this issue?”
  • This resulted in fixing issue in short period of time.
  • We release small features and make it live very frequently rather than going big bang release.
  • Automate as much as possible, so that there is no human errors and all the environments are identical.

Why DevOps is so popular??

  • Time to market is shortened.
  • Wherever it is possible Automation of all the tasks.Which resulted in less human errors.
  • Early detection of any issues in development cycle only.
  • Code quality checks at development stages only fixed.
  • DevOps creates efficiency.
  • Improved communication between teams.
  • DevOps establish a growth mindset. We will fail fast and incorporate learnings into their processes
  • Continually improving, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Accelerating innovation and market adaptability.

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