Cohort-Based DevOps & Cloud Course on Azure & AWS


Beginner to Intermediate level

Introduction to DevOpsTheory Concepts and examples, Jira, confluence
Linux Operating SystemsUbantu,Linux
Basic Linux CommandsTop commands used as DevOps Engineer.
Shell Scripting 10 Exercise practice
Version ControlGit, Github,Azure repos, Bitbucket, GitLab
Docker EssentialsTop 15 Commands
Build Automation for microservicesBuild and deploy 3 tier architecture
AWS/Azure ServicesHands on provisioning
Container Tools/OrchestrationDocker, Kubernetes, helm
CICD toolsJenkins, Azure DevOps
Infrastructure as Code with TerraformBuild and deploy industry standard 4 applications.
Configuration Management with AnsibleBuild and deploy industry standard 2 applications.

Intermediate level to Pro Level

Creating Design & Implementing the best practices
Architecting & Provisioning Hub & Spoke model
Creating Landing Zone
End 2 End Application deployment
Troubleshooting & SRE related day 2 day tasks
Securing our complete infra structure.
Monitoring & Observability
Threat Model
Disaster recovery
High Availability