Beginners Tutorials for Azure DevOps


Introduction to Azure DevOps – Week1

  1. Overview of Azure DevOps
  2. History and evolution of Azure DevOps
  3. Azure DevOps services and their features
  4. Benefits of using Azure DevOps
  5. Azure DevOps pricing and plans

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Week1

  1. Creating an Azure DevOps account
  2. Creating a project
  3. Adding users and setting permissions
  4. Configuring project settings
  5. Navigating the Azure DevOps interface

Azure Repos – Week2

  1. Creating and managing repositories
  2. Cloning and syncing repositories
  3. Branching and merging strategies
  4. Using Git commands
  5. Using pull requests and code reviews

Azure Pipelines – Week3 & Week4

  1. Creating and configuring CI/CD pipelines
  2. Creating build and release definitions
  3. Using YAML pipelines
  4. Managing pipeline triggers and schedules
  5. Integrating with other tools and services

Test Plans – Week5

  1. Creating and managing test cases
  2. Setting up and managing test plans and suites
  3. Running manual and automated tests
  4. Viewing and analysing test results
  5. Integrating with other testing tools and services

Azure Artifacts – Week6

  1. Creating and managing packages
  2. Setting up and managing feeds
  3. Publishing and consuming packages
  4. Configuring upstream sources and downstream consumers
  5. Integrating with other package managers

Integrating Azure DevOps with Other Tools – Week7

  1. Integrating with Jira and other issue trackers
  2. Integrating with Slack and other messaging platforms
  3. Integrating with Microsoft Teams and other collaboration tools
  4. Using webhooks and APIs for custom integrations
  5. Managing integrations and security settings

Azure Boards & Azure Wiki – Week8

  1. Creating and managing work items
  2. Setting up and managing sprints
  3. Using Kanban boards
  4. Customising boards and work item fields
  5. Creating queries and charts

Best Practices for Azure DevOps – Week8

  1. Creating effective work items and user stories
  2. Managing branches and pull requests effectively
  3. Setting up and managing pipelines for different scenarios
  4. Optimising pipelines for speed and efficiency
  5. Using Azure DevOps analytics and insights for continuous improvement

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